2022 Toronto Workshop on Reproducibility

2022 Toronto Workshop on Reproducibility

CANSSI Ontario and the Data Sciences Institute at the University of Toronto are excited to host the Toronto Workshop on Reproducibility, February 23-25, 2022. This three-day workshop brings together academic and industry participants on the critical issue of reproducibility in applied statistics and related areas.

This virtual workshop is free and open to all.

The Workshop has three broad focus areas

Evaluating reproducibility

Systematically looking at the extent of reproducibility of a paper or even in a whole field is important to understand where weaknesses exist. Does, say, economics fall flat while demography shines? How should we approach these reproductions? What aspects contribute to the extent of reproducibility.

Teaching reproducibility

While it is probably too late for most of us, how can we ensure that today’s students don’t repeat our mistakes? What are some case studies that show promise? How can we ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Practices of reproducibility

We need new tools and approaches that encourage us to think more deeply about reproducibility and integrate it into everyday practice.

By Sara Elhawash, DSI

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