Employers & Community Organizations

Recruit and hire from our Certificate participants

Unlock a pipeline of top-tier talent for your organization through our Data Science & Machine Learning Certificates. 

We take pride in presenting a unique opportunity for employers seeking seasoned professionals equipped with modern expertise. Our program draws participants with a minimum of three years’ work experience, ensuring a cohort of individuals with practical industry insights. Embracing diversity, our participants hail from various backgrounds, enriching your team’s composition and fostering inclusivity. The program’s immersive approach, featuring case study-driven instruction and dedicated professional development sessions, empowers participants with a comprehensive and well-rounded learning journey. Harness the potential of our participants to propel your company’s success and innovation.

If you are interested in hiring our participants, please contact partnerships.dsi@utoronto.ca.

Empower your community

Empower your community members with the transformative Digital Technologies Skills Program, designed to propel individuals from diverse backgrounds towards success. We invite women’s organizations like YWCA to inspire their members to join this journey of upskilling and empowerment. Our program offers an inclusive environment where participants are immersed in case study-based learning, fostering practical skills that are immediately applicable. Additionally, dedicated job readiness professional development sessions enhance their overall growth, providing a well-rounded and holistic learning experience. By encouraging your community to participate, you are fostering a culture of continuous improvement and equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. 

Upskill your employees

Elevate your team’s capabilities and position your company for future success with our 16-week rapid upskilling program. The DSI Certificates cater to data science enthusiasts through the Data Science Certificate and Machine Learning Software Foundations Certificate for those looking to explore the forefront of machine learning’s dynamic possibilities. As a forward-thinking employer, investing in your employees’ professional growth not only enhances their skill set but also fuels your organization’s innovation and competitiveness. Our comprehensive program is designed to empower your workforce with cutting-edge digital proficiencies that are essential in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. 

With classes conveniently scheduled after working hours, we ensure minimal disruption to your operations while maximizing learning opportunities. Embrace the transformative power of upskilling and equip your team with the expertise they need to navigate the digital frontier with confidence.   

Join us in reshaping possibilities – together.