Certificates and Sessions

Through engaging, online, instructor-led live webinars, participants are equipped with essential technical skills to pursue a career transition into data science and machine learning roles.  


Participants who successfully complete the certificate will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of data science principles; effectively use command line interfaces and version control software. 
  • Apply practical programming language skills in Python.
  • Effectively interact with relational databases through queries and data manipulation using SQL commands. 
  • Design, implement, test and validate various supervised learning models.
  • Apply structured approaches to build, maintain, and improve robust software. 

Participants who complete the Data Science Certificate will be equipped with the skills to explore data sampling methods for reliable analysis and to master visualization techniques, which facilitates easier interpretation and decision-making with complex data sets. Those who complete the Machine Learning Software Foundations Certificate will gain proficiency in advanced predictive analysis techniques, understand comprehensive model evaluation strategies for reliable predictions, and acquire foundational knowledge in deep learning, including neural network applications. 

Throughout the learning journey, both certificates integrate job readiness sessions, personalized one-on-one career support, access to a curated list of employment opportunities, and engaging networking events—both virtual and in-person. These vital components empower participants in their pursuit of sought-after roles in the fields of data science and machine learning. By fostering a holistic learning experience, we not only equip individuals with technical expertise but also the professional skills and connections essential for a successful transition into new, or advanced, roles in the evolving landscape of data science and machine learning. 

Participants will:

  • Elevate their communication and presentation skills 
  • Craft a sector-specific resume and prepare for technical assessments 
  • Enhance their networking skills and presence on social media platforms 
  • Develop skills and strategies for behavioral and technical interviews 

The DSI unifies data sciences across the University of Toronto and external partners. We are committed to supporting a future where people and industry thrive. We are working with Palette Skills to make Canada’s skills ecosystem more responsive to industry needs. We know the demand for a skilled, diverse, and engaged workforce is there and we are looking for experienced professionals willing to upskill to help meet that demand. 

We play a vital role within the Upskill Canada ecosystem and are dedicated to creating new career paths for untapped talent to unleash their full potential. We are committed to diversifying the data sciences sector. We encourage those traditionally underrepresented in this sector – women, newcomers, individuals with disabilities – to engage in our upskilling so that we may change the face of the data science and machine learning fields. Additionally, we support fast-growing companies looking to access the talent they need to grow. Through the Certificates, we provide mid-career talent with technical and job readiness skills to make an impact quickly in their next role.  

The certificates are offered in a cohort model. You can take either 16-week certificate.  A typical week involves programming Monday – Thursday, 6 PM – 8:30 PM, and optional programming Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Applications are now closed and will open for cohort 4 on June 3, 2024. Get notified when applications open!

Cohort 3: April 22, 2024 – August 11, 2024
Cohort 4: August 19, 2024 – December 8th, 2024 
Cohort 5: November 18, 2024– March 16, 2025

Course Instructors and Course Support Staff –  Interested in joining our technical skills course team

Please reach out to courses.dsi@utoronto.ca