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The Data Sciences Institute (DSI) offers undergraduate research and internship opportunities for students in the Summer Undergraduate Data Science (SUDS) research program. SUDS attracts students from across various disciplines seeking to explore data science as a career path.

As a central hub and incubator, we are dedicated to accelerating the impact of data science across disciplines and addressing pressing societal issues. Join us in our mission to inspire the next generation of data science leaders and drive real-world impact.

Unlock the potential of data science and drive positive change with the Data Sciences Institute!

We work with industry to identify opportunities for collaborative training and research and are committed to building a network of industry partners to translate research into impact. Our hope is that strengthening the collaborations between the DSI and its partners will encourage the transfer of knowledge and expertise between academia and industry. Through this knowledge exchange, the DSI community can learn about industry perspectives and priorities, and partners benefit from opportunities to connect with students and trainees.

Summer Undergraduate Data Science (SUDS) Research Opportunities

The Summer Undergraduate Data Science (SUDS) Research Opportunities bring together industry and organization partners, faculty members, and students to work on a research project from May to August. Organizations and companies with research projects provide funding to DSI for the student stipend and SUDS programming. By partnering on SUDS, organizations can explore potential future research collaborations to participate in events and networks.

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Mitacs Accelerate Summer Undergraduate Data Science Opportunities

This stream at the DSI is now closed for 2023. Connect with us to explore how to leverage your funding for 2024.

DSI works with partners to apply for Mitacs Accelerate projects to offer SUDS internships for undergraduate students. Mitacs Accelerate is a national research internship program that supports collaboration between faculty, an industry partner, and an intern. The program matches industry funding for internships for $15,000 per each 4-month internship (May-Aug).


1:1 Matching for industry partner funds

Mitacs matches industry funding for a total of $15,000 for each internship.

Partner contribution$7,500
Mitacs contribution$7,500
Total project budget$15,000

DSI support for:

  • Mitacs application
  • SUDS intern recruitment and selection
  • Matchmaking of industry partners with faculty researchers to provide expert support on projects

Data Science skills training for SUDS interns

  • DSI’s SUDS Programming provides interns with a full set of data sciences skills training, professional development, and networking opportunities

Invitation to DSI events and networking

  • Interns, faculty supervisors and companies are invited to the DSI SUDS Showcase and to DSI networking events

Visibility as a SUDS Industry Partner

  • Participation in the SUDS Showcase with faculty and students from across the DSI community
  • Acknowledgement as an industry partner on the DSI website


  • Industry partners: Canadian for-profits, not-for-profits, hospitals, and municipalities
  • Faculty supervisors at the University of Toronto
  • Undergraduate students from the University of Toronto

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