Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to provide the leadership and capacity to catalyze the transformative nature of data sciences across all disciplines, in fair and ethical ways, and solve some of society’s most complex and pressing problems.


The DSI is accelerating the impact of data across disciplines to address pressing societal issues and forward positive social change.


Through the community of its faculty, staff, trainees and partners, the DSI provides an outstanding research and learning environment for all of its members. It also provides leadership and capacity to catalyze the transformative nature of data sciences in disciplines, in fair and ethical ways, leveraging and strengthening U of T’s pre-eminence in data sciences to solve society’s complex and pressing problems. The DSI works toward this mission by facilitating inclusive research connections, supporting foundational research in data science that arises in the context of applications, and supporting the training of a diverse group of highly qualified personnel for their success in interdisciplinary environments.

The principles that underlie this vision include:

  • A culture of inclusion and equity
  • Effective training and mentoring
  • Intentional and mindful recruitment and supportive programming
  • A sustained commitment to evaluation, reflection, and improvement
  • A commitment to the principles of open science and reproducibility, making scientific research transparent and accessible to all

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