DSI welcomes Women’s College Hospital as a partner

The Data Sciences Institute (DSI) is excited to announce a new partnership with Women’s College Hospital (WCH).  For more than 100 years WCH has been developing revolutionary advances in healthcare. Today, WCH is a world leader in health equity and Canada’s leading academic ambulatory hospital focused on delivering innovative solutions that address our most pressing issues related to population health, patient experience and health system costs.

“Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is reimaging and redesigning healthcare to enhance access, address inequities, and innovate more readily. To do that, we are leveraging data insights to identify areas for improvement, test new models of care and ultimately improve care for everyone. As a research leader in the field of data science, this collaboration with DSI will enable our teams to further their work, pursue new opportunities, and expand our partnership network,” said Dr. Rulan Parekh, vice president of Academics at Women’s College Hospital.

DSI collaborates with organizations eager to support world-class researchers, educators, and trainees advancing data sciences. We facilitate inclusive research connections, supporting foundational research in data science, as well as supporting the training of a diverse group of highly qualified personnel for their success in interdisciplinary environments. As one of our external funding partners, WCH researchers can apply for research grants, training and networking opportunities at the DSI.   

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with WCH. Our goal is to create a hub to elevate data science research, training, and partnerships. By connecting data science researchers, data and computational platforms, and external partners, the DSI advances research and nurtures the next generation of data- and computationally focused researchers. We are very excited to have WCH researchers join the DSI community.” - Lisa Strug, Director, Data Sciences Institute

By Sara Elhawash, DSI

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