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Forecasting for Decision-Making: An Epidemiological & Ecological Perspective

The deadline for applications is closed. Thank you for your interest. The information below is being kept for reference.

In alignment with our goal to accelerate the impact of data sciences across disciplines, the Data Sciences Institute is pleased to co-sponsor this year’s Canadian Ecological Forecasting Initiative (CEFI) Summer School. This 5-day Forecasting for Decision-Making Summer School is designed to help participants build decision-relevant forecasts.

DSI members can apply and 5 spots are reserved for DSI members from the University of Toronto and external funding partner community.

The main objective of the CEFI Summer School is to teach participants how to build better epidemiological and ecological forecasts that are relevant in decision-making contexts. During the course, participants will learn from various experts about how to:

  • Produce more reliable and reproducible forecasting models
  • Identify and propagate uncertainties and generate scenario analyses
  • Consider decision-makers’ priorities and generate scenario analyses
  • Communicate results, model assumptions, and uncertainties to different audiences

Course materials will draw from general best forecasting practices as well as forecasting examples from different systems. Each day will consist of interactive lectures, practical exercises, and time to work on a group project.

Applicants will undergo a selection process based on fulfillment of minimum requirements, their interest and/or prior experiences related to modeling, forecasting, and using models to inform policy or management decisions.

  • Minimum requirements are a working knowledge of R and prior experience using regression models and/or differential equations.
  • CEFI and DSI particularly encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply.

Partners: The Summer School is an initiative by the Canadian Ecological Forecasting Initiative and will be held in coordination with: the Canadian Network for Modelling Infectious Diseases, the Mathematics for Public Health at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, the University of Toronto Data Sciences Institute, the Ecological Forecasting Initiative in the United States, and Apex Resource Management Solutions. 

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24-28 July 2023

Fields Institute, Toronto

Application deadline:

March 12, 2023

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