The impact of data science on workforce efficiency – A discussion with senior leaders

Amidst the whirlwind of rapid digital transformation sweeping across industries, we are shining a spotlight on the pivotal role that data science plays in building an effective workforce. Workforce strategies will be showcased at the Data Sciences Institute Research Day on September 27, 2023. 

The panel titled “Data Science for an Effective Workforce,” will feature data science leaders from the private sector, non-profit organizations and the government. The panel will include David Campbell, Assistant Director, Data Science Applications at the Bank of Canada; Yves Jaques, Chief, Frontier Data & Tech Unit at UNICEF; Ann Meyer, Director, BioInnovation Scientist Program at adMare BioInnovations; Mark Fiume, Co-Founder and CEO, DNA Stack, and Dana Ohab, Associate Partner, Digital & Emerging Technology at EY. Each of the panelists will bring a wealth of insight on the topic. The event presents an exciting opportunity to explore the synergy of data science and modern workforce development in a world that’s becoming more data driven. 

As industries become more complex and interconnected, the ability to harness and interpret data has become essential for making informed choices that drive growth, efficiency, and innovation. 

Yves Jaques, Chief of the Frontier Data and Tech Unit at UNICEF, extends the perspective: “Data science is borderless. It defies geographical constraints, knitting together a digitally connected workforce that is not bound by location. It gives us the possibility to bridge the digital divide by creating resilient networks that empower our national partners to scale and sustain local solutions with local talent, capitalizing on the collective intelligence of a global workforce.”   

“The Data Sciences Institute Research Day serves as a platform for delving into the intricate interplay of data science and workforce strategies. It’s an opportunity to explore how these two domains coalesce to define the future of work,” says Lisa Strug, Director of the Data Sciences Institute. 

As a multi-divisional, tri-campus, multidisciplinary hub for data science activity at the University of Toronto, DSI brings together researchers and trainees from across the University, its affiliated research institutes, industry and beyond to support data sciences research, innovation, collaboration, and training to translate promising ideas into real-world solutions and advance the data sciences, themselves.  

Research Day #DataSciencesDay, serves as a platform for this discussion. Attendees can expect to learn from these insights through the panel discussion, lightning talks from DSI researchers, poster sessions and the invaluable networking sessions that promise to enrich understanding.  

For those interested in joining in on the DSI Research Day and gaining new insights, the countdown has commenced. Register here to secure your spot. 

By Sara Elhawash, DSI

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